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The trees on your residential or commercial property may not be exactly where you want them to be. Perhaps, you have plans to change the landscaping, and the trees are in the way. Or maybe, they would look better at the front of the property than at the back. Or, it’s possible that you want the trees removed from the property altogether. When you want trees moved, turn to Wagner Tree Farm. You can trust our arborists in Santa Fe, Texas, to provide expert tree relocation services for you.

 We believe trees are too valuable to be cut down unless they’re dangerous. Our company can remove unwanted trees and find them new homes. In fact, that’s the business we’re in. At our tree farm, we specialize in moving trees to where they’re wanted. Call us to request an estimate of tree installation services.

 The Business of Moving Trees to Where They’re Wanted & Needed

Have you purchased a new piece of property? Are the trees in not quite the right place? Do you hate to have to cut them down? Come to us for able assistance. We have the skill, experience, and equipment to relocate those trees that otherwise would be chopped up for kindling. We take those trees to our farm until we find them new homes.

 Perhaps you are you getting ready to dig a pool, but there are trees in the way. Let us help you relocate your large trees. Just because you have decided to add a pool to the backyard doesn't mean you have to cut the trees down. We can help by moving them away from the pool, so the leaves don’t fall into the water or even removing them from your property altogether. Reach out to us to ask for wise advice for problem trees on your residential or commercial property.

 What Species of Trees Would You Like on Your Property?

Many of our residential and commercial customers have specific plans for trees on their property. Have you always envisioned having a driveway lined with live oak trees? Or, would you like red maple trees in your front yard? With our tree installation services, our capable crew can make this happen. We have a varied selection of large and mature trees on our farm. Choose from these popular species:

• Pine • Live Oak • Water Oak • Sweet Gum
• Green Ash • Lace Bark Elm • Cedar Elm • Red Maple
• Cypress • Crepe Myrtle • & Many Other Species

 Our arborists are on hand to make sure these trees stay strong throughout the relocation process. After all, they’re experts in the health and care of these largest of all plants. We inspect them before and after the move and give them what they need. Our goal is to save trees and see them flourish in new locations.

 Transplanting Trees for More than 18 Years

Since 2000, our company has successfully moved, installed, and preserved countless numbers of large trees throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Expect our company to charge the lowest prices around for tree sales and relocation and to have the specialized knowledge necessary to help you keep these beauties thriving long after the move. Unlike most family-owned tree farms, we don't just relocate small trees, but provide services for middle-sized ones, too, as well as large trees up to 22 feet.

 The Right Equipment to Move Large Trees

Of course, moving trees is not easy, whether they’re going from the backyard to the front or another location entirely. Our arborists know how to transplant trees safely, using the right equipment. We have a BIG JOHN tree spade to move and install our trees. This machine is capable of moving root balls up to 80" wide and 66" deep, and weighing up to around 8,000 pounds. The bigger the root ball we can remove and install, the better the chances are for a successful transplant.

 Such a large root ball provides the size and stability the tree needs for survival after the shock of relocation. A freshly moved tree can be in danger of getting blown over in a severe storm. This is not the case with an 8,000-pound root ball. Give us a call to talk about trees you would like relocated or installed on your property.

 Contact us today to request an estimate for tree relocation or installation. Based in Sante Fe, Texas, we proudly serve customers throughout Houston and the surrounding communities, including Baytown, Hempstead, Waller, Katy, and Spring.

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We are a Houston based Tree Farm. Established in 2000 we have 18 years of experience in Tree Spade service or "Tree Moving". Our experience in the Tree Industry has helped us to better serve our customers. Wagner Tree Farm specializes in the sale of large trees. In our  tree stock we have Live Oak, Water Oak, Lace Bark Elm, Red Maple, Cypress and many others.

Please call our tree farm to receive an accurate estimate on tree sales and transplanting services.
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Our goals are to provide the best customer service possible, to make each client feel like the only client, and to help provide shade and beautiful trees to the community.


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