Branch Out By Adding Trees to Your Landscape

Explore your options at our tree farm in Santa Fe, League City & Houston, TX

Tired of your bare, boring yard? Buy a tree from Wagner Tree Farm. Our trees can be transplanted from our nursery to your yard, where they'll grow healthy and strong. Our tree farm stocks a wide variety of tree types you can choose from.

At our tree farm, you'll find flourishing trees we have tended to for a long time. You can select one of them, and we'll plant it wherever you want it. Choose from a wide variety of tree types and sizes. You can even get feedback about what would go well with shrubs and trees you already have in your yard.

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Supplement your yard with tree relocation and transplantation

You don't have to knock down trees that stand in your way. Just dig them up gently and relocate them to another spot on your property. This way, you'll still get to keep the tree, and it won't get in the way of your landscaping or construction project.

We have the tools and resources to take on any tree moving or tree relocation. When we're transplanting your tree, you can trust that we:

  • Dig to the right depth
  • Use soil at the right pH level
  • Handle your tree with care


Contact us now to request tree relocation in Santa Fe, TX.


Why should you choose Wagner Tree Farm?

Your yard, and the trees in your yard, need the proper amount of care and attention in order to thrive. Wagner Tree Farm knows how to provide that. Whether we're planting a new tree or relocating your tree, we always give the job our full attention.

We have over 19 years of experience in tree care and planting. The trees you buy from us come with a warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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