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Installation & Relocating a Wide Variety of Large Trees in Santa Fe, TX

Tree moving in and around Texas is good for both the environment and the economy. Wagner Tree Farm, a Houston-based business, has more than 18 years of hands-on experience selling high quality trees and transplanting trees throughout the surrounding areas in Texas. 

Tree Installation

Species of Trees

The arborists at the Wagner Tree Farm install trees that range from 3" in diameter (caliper) up to 8" in diameter and from 12'  to 22' in height. These trees provide a much better curb appeal than your typical 30- to 65-gallon trees. We plant our trees utilizing an 80" Big John™ tree spade to increase their ability to survive, and offer a 12-month warranty upon purchase.

Wagner Tree Farm is based in Santa Fe and specializes in the sale of large trees, many of which make great shade trees and fruit trees. Among others, our stock contains the following species of trees:

Pine | Live Oak | Water Oak | Sweet Gum | Green Ash | Bald Cypress | Drake Elm | Cedar Elm | Red Maple | Crepe Myrtle

Tree Relocation

Millions of dollars are spent on trees every year. Why would you cut down a mature tree when you can just transplant the tree and enjoy it somewhere else on your property? Not only do we sell trees, but we offer tree spade services for commercial and residential projects that move the trees that you already own. These tree location services include:

On-Site Tree Relocations | Off-Site Tree Relocations | Commercial | Residential | Municipal

Contact our tree preservation and arborist in Santa Fe, TX at (409) 682-0695 for large tree transplanting, tree planting and our other tree services.